I am originally from Tehran, Iran.


M.Sc student in Algorithm at the University of Tehran. I am interested in Scientific Computing especially Computational Biology which is my current field of research. For further information see Research section.


An optimalist, and rather Analytical Thinker (It doesn’t exactly match. For example, I really enjoy working in a team!). In my life, I’m trying to reach these three goals: Expertise in my job, Wisdom in my though, and Ethics in my behavior.
Also, I’m very interested in Philosophy and social sciences especially Psychoanalysis. I enjoy reading about these fields in my free time.

I’m also interested in:

Drawing cartoon, reading books, animations, classical music, playing violin.


Running: 5 Km in less than 30 min, trying to reach 10 Km in less than one hour

I’m an enthusiast of:

Free Software Foundation, Linux, Pixar Animation Studios, Hāfez (persian mystic and poet), Felix Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Real Madrid.

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